not surprised I read e-books everyday and even if you gave me a free nook I wouldn't use it. I have velocity cruz reader r101 which I got from amazon about a year and a half ago for $50 and I personally don't think you can get a better e-reader. Not only can you get the nook reader app for it you can have the kindle,… » 2/25/13 9:21am 2/25/13 9:21am

I only have Netflix and Dramafever. I would pay for Hulu if it meant I could watch shows without the stupid commercials until that's the case I don't even go too the hulu site. What I don't like is the fact that netflix has a streaming collection and a rent section, If I see something I want to watch is only in the… » 2/11/13 8:56pm 2/11/13 8:56pm

you know what if it's loud enough for the neighbors to hear like that then they should have called the cops maybe not for there being a massacre but you stupid idiots need to learn to either put on headphones or turn it down and respect the fact that you are not the only one on this planet that matters. » 1/29/13 3:30am 1/29/13 3:30am